Monday, March 14, 2011


Japan's earthquake has claimed over 2,400 lives. And also caused immense destruction of infrastructure and business. The emails doing the round - showing satellite images of Japan before and after the tsunami - is enough to give us an idea of the magnitude of loss.

Day 4 - already three blasts at the nuclear centre. Within 10 hours, low level radio active winds would reach Tokyo - the capital of the island nation. People are scrambling for food since hospitals and health care centres - already over populated - have run out of resources. Internationally, governments are trying to help them out - financially and otherwise.

And all I can hear is how much money investors will lose now that the Japanese market, Nikkei, has crashed over 19% in two days. I DO NOT CARE!!! Fuck you and all your money, sir. Why don't you go to Japan and pick up your money from there? Maybe after you reach and see how people are trying to survive, you'd appreciate your life more than your cash.

I have always heard that Mumbai is such a city which does not stop for anything. When after the 26-11 attacks, Mumbai went back to work the next day I was amazed. I loved their guts, admired them for not giving in. But if this also means that when the whole country is in danger or has already undergone a huge loss, one would go out and make money - not to distract himself from his personal loss but to make sure he can still look for a buy-sell opportunity - then I would rather not be here.

P.S. I am not writing this because I want another post here. I am writing this cause I want to tell these stupid morons this. And I do not have the guts to do so.