Monday, December 28, 2009

something sweet in the air

Love and marriage are not always together.. One can exist without the other. And for me the former has to.. absolutely has to preceed the latter. Recently my friends have tied the knot, have fallen deeper into love.. (Not sure in which order).. And those who havent have at least made their opinions on the word clear.

She is getting married now. My friend. The one who swoons over fictitious vampires and cries at happy endings and has so many dreams of her perfect mate. That morning she woke us up with the news of her marriage and a shy smile. Surprise!!! oh.. The cuteness!! None of us could stop smiling for two days after that... Girls and their obssession with anything romantic...

And now i see her delicately and slowly falling in love. Someone's falling in love in front of me.. being transformed even though she probably doesnt realise it. She is going through everything that any other person in a relationship (not necessarily with the prospect of marriage near by) goes through. She talks to him ( at the risk of getting the phone stuck to her ear permanently), plans her future with him, fights with him, tells us how he makes her feel, what he tells her, and how he is soooo good and she is not sure if she can ever be that good!! he he...ooohhh!!! Lourve!!!!

I guess, love happens in most unlikely and then in the likeliest of places. Something as pure as marriage being strengthened by the love these two have started feeling for each other..Seeing her im reminded of all the lil happiness that being in love brings.

Here's to you Ms Mishra. Hope he turns out to be everything you hoped for, and you are the one he has deserves. With all your goodness and your flaws, your madness and your patience, your smiles and anger... together you will grow.. Good luck... Enjoy this new journey!!!

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