Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have been thinking.. which organization I could join if I leave my current job. Which made me think, which profession I could have picked too. And since this is a blog, and blogs are not factual anyway, I will make a list of whatever I want to be.

The first thing I can think of is a dancer! I could do classical something. Then I would be touring the world dancing in some shady concert. Or I could try to open my own school, where little kids with overweight mother would come and dance. And then I would choreograph an Indo-western thing and become famous...ha haaa haaa!! Of course Megha and Sreetama would have to be there to dance to our kind of songs :) Someday down the line I will break a bone in my leg, and not be allowed to dance again. I will shift back home, keep lying down on mt bed and watch tv.

A writer wouldn't be bad also. Provided I learn to write and not make typos and get ideas and not make grammatical errors. So then I would have to take up a topic. Maybe a piece of fiction. Enid Blyton style..(Cheese, scones, root beer being the factor here). And obviously it wont sell. So I will take money from my parents and stay at home till my conscience wakes up and I look for a 9-5 job.

I could try becoming an actress in some really, really cheap play. One where the acting skills required would be minimum but would get paid a lot. So that makes a lot of movies also possible ventures. And later on, I would be able to dance in some group dance sequence only 780 feet away from Shahrukh Khan and a heroine half his age..

Then there are NGOs. The problem here would be the sheer vastness of issues. Women? h? Special need children? Children with no education? Sexually abused children. God! I could start with one and keep going till there are none left. I could also be a teacher for kids in Darjeeling. Yes. Darjeeling. Or Assam. Some chink land. Look, I am going to be away from family so I should at least have this!

But since none of them look possible right now I would have to stick with this. And then travel writing. And then go into retirement when I am 40 and behave like garfield. I do like chicken lasagna :P


  1. Hahahahaha....amazing...I think I know why yu wanna go to "chink lan" sweedee...:P

  2. Typical you..... If you plan to go to Darjeeling now.... keep "get captured by a "maobadi" or "naxal"" in your itinerary... coz dey are the majority there nowadays...

  3. @vinayak: thats what my colleagues say about giong to calcutta too. Doesnt mean i stop going home, does it?