Monday, September 14, 2009

Marathi n Hariyanvi ...Goes n makes khichudi

My recent trip to the capital did change my outlook somewhat..
For one thing i never realised it would be hard to say goodbye to my friends - again. I dont belong to an emotional family...My mom, unlike most filmy moms as depicted by Farida Jalal and Kiron Kher (remember Hum Tum?), never shed one drop of salty water when i left for Delhi to study. Even though I'm sure she was moist eyed the last time I left home (she claims otherwise though).. But this time, saying good bye felt worse than anything. Maybe because in my heart I know the chances of me going back to this city that i love is next to nil (and quite subject to the top boss' mood).. I had so many things to do ... places to visit..things to buy...(OMG..I didnt even get a duplicate pair of beer glasses that i bought for Mayank last year).
My F.R.I.E.N.D.S are the best i could find... I mean who else would return back after working till 10 pm and then cook the most awesome chilly chicken... And then adding extra kishmish to the daal..even as out turqouise cottage plans got cancelled.. And another who made sure I had a chance to have 'isspecial posto' curry the day i left. Oh and we even managed to do DDLJ train scene in the station with the Hariwanvi police watching us like he had scene a cross betweeen a ghost and Kasab!!
Things, however, are not as superb as i thought it would be in Delhi. Cabbies are the worst...Constant bickering with auto wallahs about the fare takes away half the energy of Delhi-ites, (probably the reason why the Metro construction work goes ever so slowly). Working till late is also a headache, come back home at 10..and most lanes would be pitch dark. Mumbai in that sense gives you a sense of freedom and (maybe, false) security. If it wasnt, then Delhi would have a night life worth envying.
But food...wonderful food...magical fooooood..He he.. Momos and chaats..chilly potatoes and chuski..It actually brings the taste buds alive.. and for one living on a regular diet of 'pao' for all meals.. it was gastronomical heaven!!!
Shopping is supposed to be great there.. But the stocks dont seem to be changing much in all the time I left the city.. I saw the same pink t shirt, the same kinds of skirt, the same collection of shoes in Stilletoes...
I realised why exactly i love Delhi, in spite of its potholes and politicians...and delays and traffic.. and autos and crude hariyanvi language...its where I enjoyed freedom the most...where i realised that the world does not end after crossing Lake-Town .. where i felt i could actually have an unconventional live-in with my friends from Calcutta... Mumbai is supposedly the city of dreams .. But Delhi gets that tag from me..
But now, sadly I have to grow up..My friends in Delhi are busy with their life..and I should get on with mine... Let the memories remain.. Maybe it is good i couldnt do everything i wanted - gives me an excuse to go back..


  1. Love this post of urs! I'll be waiting for u to come to Delhi again! We can do all the incomplete tasks which we planned to do!

  2. nice post, never been to Delhi so can't comment much.. but Mumbai rocks!