Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Modi does it again...

I mean...what exactly is happening?Narendra Modi was born ..what..in the 50's? So he basically grew up in the 70s..Spent his 'formative' teens years in the age of flower power...and yet there he is...staring at us all from the 1st pages of a leading english daily...worshipping on dussehra..not the triumph of good over evil, but the weapons of destruction.
He bans liquor in his state, in the process just ensuring that people who can afford it pay double the amount for the same brand of booze..and the poorer section just gets cought up in hooch deals..
He prays in front of a display of guns n heavy machinery - probably his proof of being masculine enough to rule a state..
And the media, either in a mocking or celebratory tone decide to highlight the picture.. Maybe its needed to let ur state progress..How'd it look if Buddha Babu started carrying around a hand grenade with his ever-so-white dhuti-payjama? Even after Nandigram, the picture does strike a bit odd. But in Modi, it suits perfectly.. As if we knew all along this is him. In reality..Hmmmm....Innocent until proven guilty, that is.
P.S. Modi did get Ratan Tata finally!!

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