Thursday, October 29, 2009

The past, present and junk food

Some days back after one my increasingly frequent shopping trips to Phoenix Mills, I went inside McD's for a quick dinner. So..dinner at Mc..not cheap..not healthy..and not as tasty as it should be..

Yet, it reminds you of the times when in Calcutta you would keep complaining to anyone who would listen about the lack of a proper fast food resto in the city. Ever time we came to Mumbai or went to Delhi my parents would give me a surprise treat in Mc D's. Maybe something as simple as french fries and a burger. Or ice cream. But that would go on to cerate one of the best memories of the trip..Things i could tell my friends, compare my Happy Meal toys (which by the way i still store on my bookshelf)... But now when i go to the same place its just like any other place. I do not feel excited or even happy. I order something..and end up wasting a bit as well.

Makes me think. Have you grown up and forgotten the value of money?? or have i just become careless coz the people with whome those memories mattered are not here with me?

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