Saturday, September 1, 2012

30 day challenge. Day # 2

Write a story that includes: a tombstone, a first kiss, and a butterfly collection…

Mili was seven when Uno came to the house. The doctor had said its better to keep her happy in her last days. Her parents had cried the whole night. Doctor Roy, from Hazra Medical College had tried to console them. As a family friend and the consulting oncologist. Mili hadn't understood the fuss. All she wanted was her mother to come and sit next to her and massage her belly. That usually worked to ease the pain. She could hardly even hear the words being spoken.

Once she got a bit better, after a particularly nasty session of chemo, her daddy brought home a little Labrador puppy. Almost golden in colour and extremely energetic, Uno - as he was named by Mili on the very first day - became her best friend. She stopped missing her friends from school, whom she anyway met less and less with all her treatments. Uno and Mili became inseparable. Food would have to be served for both at the same time. Uno would not eat till Mili had her food in the mickey bowl. The only person who could give Uno a bath was Mili. And while taking that shower Uno would screech and Mili would sing a tune and together would make an unholy chorus, loud enough to make the neighbours come out of their houses.

Evenings, Mili would go into their backyard, carefully trying to avoid her mother kitchen garden. Uno would follow, sniffing the cauliflower leaves as he passed. Mili collected colourful butterflies in a big glass jars. Her mother kept a net instead of the lid, so that the butterflies wouldn't die. Next morning she would let them go from the terrace. Uno never really understood why she had to let them go. They looked perfectly edible to him. Mili must not be hungry in the mornings, Uno thought.

Everyone knew Mili would not live for long. The disease had spread pretty fast. And even though there were days when she couldn't walk from one side of the room to the other, her parents always hoped for a miracle. She was their little princess. The relatives had been insensitive and suggested that they should try for another child, or else they would be left completely alone after Mili is gone. But they could never imagine replacing Mili.

Day before yesterday she had started feeling weak again. She coughed up blood and was too weak to even lift her head. Uno came and snuggled next to her. He licked her hand, letting her know its going to be alright. Usually Mili kissed him whenever he showed affection like that, but today she was too weak to do that. Her mother pulled Uno and took him out of the room. As Mili cried here, they could hear Uno barking in the living room. Everyone tried to say their last goodbye.

Today, standing on the graveyard, Mili is trying to recite a 5-line poem for Uno. Uno passed away on the couch in the living room. He must have been scared of the dark. And while everyone was gathering around Mili, no one noticed him running around wildly, trying to make sense of it all.

Mili's parents felt sad. They knew Mili's time would come soon too. But at least she would have someone waiting for her!!!

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