Monday, September 17, 2012

30 day challenge. # Day 8

Re-write a classic fairy tale

Once upon a time, in a world which was perfect, lived three round and rotund little pigs. They liked their house to be clean and big, and therefore were looked down upon by their clan. The pigs in the town all lived in small cabins. Some even slept on the road, in spite of having a lot of money. The three little pigs didn't like their neighbours much either.

"All they do is eat and sleep. And then they roll around in mud," they said.

With time, the three pigs became entrepreneurs. They became rich and famous in the country and cats and dogs and crows and bears - all came to them for business. However, the sly fox was known to be the best bargainer in the country. And he saw the three pigs as nothing but rivals who should be taken care of. So off he went to see his cousin, The Wolf, for help.

The Wolf was the dumb sort. If you have ever heard of the words brawn and brain, the wolf would epitomize the former. So when his cousin said that there were three fat pigs in the country, he thought it would be the easiest thing to get rid of them, and take care of his dinner at the same time.

The three pigs by now were living in separate mansions across the town. The first brother was in the business of straws, which he sold to the cows for a steep price. The towns folk didn't like him so much. The second brother traded in wood. He was responsible for the forests near the town becoming so small. The folks in town hardly had any place to go out, or a place to work. So as the brothers became richer, the townsfolk became poorer. The third brother was the only one who was liked by the townsfolk. He worked hard and made little money. But the money he made was kept nicely in a bank far away. And he lived in a small house with many other pigs in the town. This brother loved his siblings a lot, but could not ignore the way they had cheated their kinsfolk just to make some extra money.

In the evening, the Wolf came to the house of the first pig and said, "I'll smash and I'll thrash, and I'll crush your bones to bits". And he ran inside the house and picked up the pig. He beat him up and killed him. He then went round the house, and broke parts of the wall. Since the pig traded in straw he had built his house with that, and this proved fatal now. The Wolf set the straw on fire and smiled as the smell of bacon came wafting through the night air.

He went off to the second pig's house. He called out to the second pig and told him what he had done. The pig, however, remained foolish and said," You are nothing but a silly wolf. You can't kill me. I'm much smarter".

This was too much for the Wolf and he called out angrily," You just wait and see. I'll smash and I'll thrash, and I'll crush your bones to bits". And up he went through the chimney and punched and kicked and broke the little pig's bones. He then set fire to the house and waited till the pig inside screamed his last.

Feeling proud and undefeatable, the Wolf finally went to the village. He saw the third pig with his friends. He shouted from this side.

"You pigs have no sense left. Didn't you hear that I killed your two brothers and am roasting them for dinner? And yet you are laughing and playing around!!"

The third pig did not panic and replied calmly. "But then, why would you want to kick and punch me? That would only make my meat tough and when you finally eat me, you won't be able to enjoy it. And the broken bones will prove to be difficult to separate from my flesh. So then, you won't be able to enjoy your dinner."

The wolf, which didn't like anyone messing with his food, realised that this was right. So he decided that instead of beating him up, he will straight away set fire to his house. And once the third pig had been roasted, he would sit down to his dinner.

So went and tried to set fire to this pig's house as well. However, the foolish wolf did not realise that the pigs in the town lived in mud. The houses and the gardens and the pools were all full of mud. And no matter how much he tried, the mud would not catch fire. He tried again and again. At last he gave up and went back to the two pigs he had killed before. The fox met him halfway and realised what had happened. The fox, cunning as it was, respected cleverness and felt that the third pig would be a fun rival to have. Thereafter the fox and the pig would meet and compete. And they would huff and they would puff, till the sun would go down.

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