Saturday, September 8, 2012

30 day challenge. Day # 6

Write a story that includes: twins, a 12-layer cake, a house that seems to be haunted but isn't…

It was the wedding to everyone was waiting for. When Christine would exchange vows with Michael. She with her sun-kissed hair, tied up in a French bun. He waited for her at the end of the aisle, with his best friend Thomas standing by his side, holding the ring. Thomas had been his best friend since they met in third grade. It started on a bad note actually. He had tried to trick Michael during a particularly important track event. Michael had caught the fib, but had made a joke about it. They have been friends ever since. Thomas's twin sister, Teresa had joined them for most of their games when they were younger. And they used to pretend to go off on life-altering adventures.

Christine walked down the aisle, holding on to her father's arm, smiling radiantly. Michael couldn't help but feel a pinch of pride. This girl, the girl everyone wanted to take out for the senior prom, the girl who topped the science class and represented school in all the exchange programmes, the girl who was as cheerful and nice as children on a spring day, this girl is now going to be his better half. Why, even Thomas had secretly harbored a crush on Christine. But being the nice boy he was, he had quickly brushed it aside after Michael said he wished he could take her out to the local burger shop. Together, Christine and Michael would make their new house - a mansion if it may be called so, thanks to the Mathew's good fortune in the leather trade, into a loving home. They plan to have three kids - the first one in two-three years. And maybe a pet dog to complete the family picture.

The ceremony goes by in a whirlwind. Before they know it, it is time for the party to move indoors. The usher announces the newlywed’s first dance together. Slowly, Christine turns in her spot as Michael tries to not grin like a child. The most beautiful memory together that is what they are going to build.

Suddenly, there is a scream from upstairs. Michael rushes, followed by Thomas and a couple of his relatives. They find Teresa in the washroom upstairs, shivering like a child - pointing towards the window. Thomas guides her to the kitchen and gives her something to drink. By this time, the guests are disturbed. They start talking. They talk of how neighbours had said the property was cursed after the Senior Mathews's death. How they could see the light in the attic turning on in some nights, even though they knew Michael was never there.

To stop all the rubbish talks, Michael decides to wrap-up the party soon. He tells the wedding planner to bring out the cake. The cake will cheer up everyone. They had chosen a 12 layer beautiful fresh cream cake for the occassion. He had made sure that the caterers knew how to make it taste soft without making it gooey. And she had chosen the cream toppings for the cake.

But, Mr Bondeux comes rushing back, holding a plastic grin on his face.

"Mr Michael, you must come at once".

Michael doesn't think he can handle another shock today. He follows the man into the dining hall. As he enters he can't believe what he sees. On the floor is in his prized cake. The cream had splattered onto the counter and under the table. And there, standing on the side, were three kids. He moves closer. They step back. He realises they have not had a shower in several months.

"Hello" he says.

"Hi" says one of the kids, sheepishly. Michael can detect some cream stuck to his hair. He smiles.

"So, you are hungry?"

"Ah haan. But we didn’t want to steal. It was just that we saw the cake there, and usually no-one comes to this house. So we thought we could take some. "

"So you are the ones who have been taking stuff from the kitchen all these days?"

"No. We thought we would keep them back. But the week has been difficult. We couldn't find no work"

"Could not find any work".


"Never mind. Where do you stay?"

"Here, this is our house."

"Oh. Hmm. Something has to be done about that"

"What no. Don't throw us out"

"Oh don't you worry. I have the perfect idea for you all", he said, smiling.

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