Wednesday, September 5, 2012

30 day challenge. Day # 5

Your character has a date and has been stood up. Your character hears out the reasoning but decides to take revenge. Write a story on that....

Rene has been with Timon for three years now. Three extremely long and patient years. Timon. How should one describe him without offending the man himself? Timon was two years older than Rene, her senior in Karate class. As with senior, he came across as a man full of himself. He knew his stuff, sure he did. He also knew how to make a girl for him. And fall she did. Rene stopped going for all her other activities and concentrated only on Karate, just so that she could see Timon some more. They finally started dating in 2009 and have been together ever since.

Timon on the other hand, never seemed to be interested in being with her anywhere. Not for a movie. Not for dances. Not even for a long drive together. But yes. He made up for all that in bed. That six-feet two inches frame had its perks obviously.

And then, last week, Timon decides to not come for dinner. Rene had ordered pork-rice from that take-away around the corner. She had even tried her hand at baking a red velvet cake. But the cake's icing had melted. And the pork-rice had gone cold. Timon had not showed up. Rene felt miserable as she watched the last one hour of Breakfast at Tiffany's alone.

When she ran into him in class the following day, she tried to ignore him. Timon tried to talk to her. And tried some more. Till she gave up. He had an explanation handy. His friends had come over to watch Fifa. And seriously, he asked, you wouldn't expect me to give up football for some girl thing? I mean. Nothing girls do can be as much fun, can it?

Rene kept a straight face and moved away. By evening she had a plan. When Timon came up to her again, she behaved normally. Yes, she would be willing to forgive him. Yes, she would prepare the same cake again and bring it to him next week.

Next week came. Rene's cake was better than last time. She put on her purple t-shirt and shorts. And walked out of the house.

Timon waited. And waited some more. And then some more. Finally, he called her up and prepared to shout!

"Oh but honey! I thought nothing girls do can be as much fun!"

"So whats your idea? Being with girls and being boring? Playing doll-house?"

"Well, I was playing. But then doll house might not be the correct term for it."

"Huh. What do you mean?"

"Oh you know. This and that."

"Where are you, Rene. Stop messing with me". His voice was stern. Rene smiled.

"Did you notice new exchange students have come? Tamara and Simon are in our class".

"Oh cut the crap. Where are you?"

"Well. As it turns out, they also like red-velvet cake"

"What the fuck! Are you with that Simon freak? Listen, if you are with him. Get out of here or I'm never going to speak to you again. Get it? We are over?"

She laughed. "Oh. But Why would I be with him? Just cause he has beated you at the last match? No, baby! I wouldn't do that to you."

"What are you doing Rene! Tell me know. Please"

"I think we are done Timon. Too bad! Had you just come that day you'd still get to be a part of the threesome."

"What threesome. Whatever dude. You are just weird."

"uh..hmm.. Oh and Tamara says hi. She is fun too. And better than you, in the only place you are good at."

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